Originally from a small town in Upstate New York, I photographed my first wedding while I was still in High School and absolutely fell in love with photographing love.

Fast forward to 2023-- I've been in the business of weddings for over a decade. Capturing moments and emotions is a huge part of my job, but so is helping to bustle my brides' dresses, tie my grooms' bow ties, and help them plan out the perfect timeline for their wedding day. 

I'm based out of Hingham, MA (just south of Boston), photograph weddings from Boston to Denmark, and am still absolutely enamored with the magic of photography.

Behind the Lens

Photographer, wife,
step-mom, & traveler
Introvert/extrovert blend

Love stories that I've already had the honor of professionally documenting.


Average hours per day I spend on a computer with a cat in my lap.


Monthly cheese plates I'd make if my metabolism could keep up.


The number of times I've visited the Amalfi Coast- Ravello & Positano are my favorites!


Years since I photographed
my very first wedding.
Shout out to
Liza & Peter ­čĄŹ


Random facts about yours truly

When I photographed my first wedding I knew how to take a good picture, but I didn't have any experience with weddings. And I have to admit, the night beforehand I FELT the pressure. Such a big day that had so much history leading up to it, and one chance to get things right. Rain, shine, traffic, wardrobe malfunctions... you name it, and I was stressing about it. 
The wedding day started I immediately connected with the couple and their loved ones. The day was SO much fun, and it was so fulfilling to get to document the people who attended as well as the feeling of the day. I left that wedding knowing that this would be my career. I already knew I loved using my camera, but having a first row seat to all of that love... I was immediately hooked, and I haven't looked back since. I just love love.

And now, with over a decade of experience under my belt, the only feeling I have the night before a wedding is excitement!

the reason I do what I do

My Why