Your photos should be as unique as the relationship you're celebrating. My goal is always to try to capture authentic emotions, and to make photographs that take you right back to how you felt in that moment. For me, this means photographing every moment as it's happening, instead of crafting each moment to look picture-perfect. Sure, I'll give some direction when it comes time for the family, wedding party, and couples portraits, but for the most part, I just float around your wedding and snap away at moments as they happen organically. 

No two couples are the same, so why should every wedding be treated as if it were going to be the same? I work with my couples to sort out the details of their wedding and tailor their timeline to fit their exact needs.
If you're looking for authentic, expression-focused wedding photography, I have a feeling we'd be a great match! 

It's all in the details


Yes! We actually met because we both attended the same photography school, at different times. Scott & I both photographed weddings before we met, and are proud of the similarities (and differences) in our work.
That being said...
If we're both available for your big day, and you're considering both of us, why settle for just one? Shoot one of us a message about booking us as a team for your wedding. 
You can check him out at

is your husband a wedding photographer, too?

Family is super important to me, and I know it is to you, too! This is why we'll schedule a call 1-2 weeks before your big day to chat about everyone who will be involved in family photos and all of the groupings that you'd like to get. I prefer to put together this information with you so that we can tackle family photos together in the most efficient way possible. 

but... what about family photos?

Actually, if anything, I discourage my couples from creating a shot list. Here's why: You don't want your photographer looking at a piece of paper, you want them looking through the lens and capturing what's in front of them. My approach will always be to photograph your wedding the way I wanted my photographer to photograph my wedding, which is to capture all of the details that you've invested so much time and effort in to putting together.

do you require a shot list?

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